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The Process From Start to Finish

Designer Villas in Spain understand the process of building your dream property in Spain is a complex process. We have over 20 years of experience assisting our clients and friends do exactly that. Through those 20 years we have assembled a team of professionals, all experts in their field to ensure that your investment is in the very best hands. 
We feel we are offering our clients a service like no other in Spain. Our aim is to offer a totally transparent process from start to finish.

Together we will locate your perfect plot that fits as much as your criteria allows. We will help you determine what compromises can be made and which ones absolutely can't. We will then make all the necessary checks to ensure the plot can accommodate your required Villa. We will introduce you to in our opinion the very best architects on the coast. 
When the project is ready we will put your project out to tender with 2 or 3 construction companies. We will oversee the tendering process to ensure you can then make an informed decision to who will be building your Designer Villa in Spain.

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Our mission is to be your partner on the ground. We feel building in Spain should feel as comfortable as it would in your home country. We don't have in house architects and builders, we do however have a team of independent professionals who we feel should earn the right to be in your team. Who would build in their home country with only one quotation? Why would or should you be offered only one in Spain? Don't compromise your investment by choosing a company that doesn't offer you personal choice.


Our vision is to see and understand your vision. Our aim is to design and construct the villa you see your family enjoying now and into the future. We are confident that our design will be beyond what your imagination allows. 

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The reasons to select Designer Villas in Spain

  • Experienced team of professionals.

  • We work for you. We listen to your needs and aim to give you what you want and more.

  • We assist you in getting numerous quotations from construction companies we have worked with and help you decide on the best options for your construction.

  • We will view with you examples of build quality from the construction companies tendering for the work.

  • We will with the architect and technical architect go through each quotation to see any anomalies to give the construction company opportunities to refine their quotation.

  • On a weekly basis throughout the construction process upload to the team Dropbox all relevant information about what has been achieved during the working week. This will include minutes of all onsite meetings and a weekly gallery of pictures so you can keep up with progress.

CAM 6 - Atardecer.heic
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