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Renovating a villa in Spain has become a very attractive proposition considering the increasingly limited number of available plots for new builds. 

We have been helping clients purchase plots in Spain for well over a decade. We have now reached a point where the option of purchasing a property to renovate is an attractive alternative to sourcing a plot to construct a new build. 

A lot of properties that are coming to the market were constructed in the 1960´s to 1970´s  and are in need of a complete renovation. This makes this option attractive to both clients looking for a first or second (holiday) home in Spain or an investment to buy and sell for profit on completion. 

Renovating a villa can be a much quicker option as working with the local town halls for the issuing of the correct licenses can be a lot easier. 

Designer Villas in Spain are experienced in both building and renovating homes in Spain. We work with local Real Estate agents to find good options on villas that require reforming.


Please contact us so we can discuss current opportunities on the market. 


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